Madeline Joyce was a volunteer for the super-soldier program during World War II. The original super-soldier formula which created Captain America had been destroyed by Nazi spies, but scientists were able to create an imperfect version of the serum. Thus, each of the five volunteers were affected differently, and Joyce gained the ability to control her mass and fly, calling herself "Miss America". The five volunteers and Captain America formed the Six American Warriors.

As a member of the American Six, Miss America embarked on many adventures. However, when they tried to stop the Red Skull from acquiring a doomsday device, Captain America became trapped in a vortex along with the Skull. After the war ended, the remaining five were ordered to disband.

Fifty years later, the Six American Warriors were reunited when Captain America was released from the vortex. However, the Red Skull was also released, and continued his doomsday plot, turning his son into Electro. The six teamed up with Spider-Man to stop Electro, but Cap became re-trapped in the vortex. The other five, including Miss America, went back into retirement.[1]


As a result of the super-soldier serum, Miss America had the ability to control the mass and density of her body. This allowed her to become as light as a feather to mimic power of flight, as well as making her body hard enough to punch through brick walls.


Since their powers wore off after a while, the six (bar Captain America) rationed their powers with rings.

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