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Madeline is Speedball's mother.[1] Maddie, a former hippie,[2] always encouraged her son to be artistic whereas her husband Justin encouraged Robbie to have good grades. Maddie was a cast member of the soap opera Secret Hospital, along with Mary Jane Watson-Parker.

Maddie was briefly a member of the environmental group Project: Earth before discovering they were murderous eco-terrorists. Speedball and the New Warriors saved her from the group. It was at this time Robbie confided in his mother that he was Speedball. It would be several months later before Justin discovered the truth and he was very angry to find out Maddie and Robbie had hid it from him as he did not approve of superheroes.

Eventually Maddie and Justin divorced and Robbie went to go live with his mother in New York. At one point Robbie was sent to another dimension and replaced by a clone for several months, it's unclear if Robbie ever told his mother she had been living with an imposter for months.

It appears Maddie and Justin may have reconciled with each other but also disowned their son for his part in the Stamford incident that left hundreds dead.

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