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She is the sister of Matthew Risman being he who founded the Purifiers.[2]

As the assistant to Otto Strucker I oversee his latest investigation.[1]

Which was experimenting with Reed Strucker.[2]He went to Reed's home on at least one occasion.[3]

Later I adopt the name of Madeline Garner and was a professor of genetics at Charlotte State University.[1]

I treat a young mutant whose power could destroy things, but she treated him by putting an object on his chest and he finished work for her.[2]

In his laboratory he was working on a drug capable of suppressing mutant powers.[4]

Reed and his wife Caitlin arrived at the institute where Madeline welcomed him and his family. He showed them two mutant patients while talking about a drug that would help mutants get their powers under control. I administered a dose to Reed and his powers normalized. He dined with his guests and Madeline gave Reed a musical box that belonged to Otto and said she believed that they would succeed where Otto failed. The next day he told Reed and Caitlin that thanks to Lauren Strucker the drug could be made more effective by causing the powers to be permanently normalized, but Reed should stay for observation or debrief. otherwise it would die.[2]


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