Madelyne Pryor appears in an important role late in X-Men: The End. In the story,- through circumstances left unexplained - makes a surprise return, implied as being the first time since Inferno, with no references to Nate Grey whatsoever (although she and Cable are later shown to be already familiar). Mysteriously joined with the X-Men's alien enemies, the Skrulls and the Shi'ar, Madelyne affected a disguise to infiltrate the X-Men, planting herself near Cyclops for the rest of the series. No longer insane, but still seeking revenge against her former husband, Madelyne nonetheless hesitated and instead took to protecting him, after eavesdropping on him expressing remorse for everything that happened to her, and even implying that he genuinely loved her. Cyclops later admitted to having recognized her at some point, and an understanding and peace was finally reached between them, for the sake of aiding their son Cable in battle. When Cable's effort leaves him dying, a grief-stricken Madelyne is accepted back with the X-Men again.

After Cyclops and Jean Grey are also killed, Madelyne cryptically reveals that, since the very beginning, she was always Madelyne Pryor - the essence of Jean that loved Scott with all her heart. That is why it never worked afterwards between Scott and Jean. Madelyne was the part that was willing to die for him - the part that made them whole. She says that she and Jean were never meant to be apart. But they were both to scared, too stubborn to be the one to yield. While she was speaking she began to turn into energy, into life. She merged her essence with Scott and Jean, resurrecting them.[citation needed]

In the story's final panel, Madelyne's image is present next to Cyclops' among the X-Men who died heroically.

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Seemingly those of Madelyne Pryor of Earth-616.

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