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Madin was a mutant who acted as a leader to a fraction of Morlocks who were being targeted and kidnapped by Mister Sinister.[1] Madin's brother Ash was among the kidnapped Morlocks and turned into an ice monster by Sinister in an experiment to emulate the X-Man Iceman's powers. Sinister's plans were stopped by the combined efforts of Madin, Iceman, and Bishop. Ash was returned back to normal, only to be arrested and jailed.[2][3]

Iceman promised to do whatever he could to help Madin free Ash from prison and used some recently acquired wealth to set up a fund for Madin and the Morlocks to use for any expenses they may have.[2][4]

Powers and Abilities


Light Blades: Madin is able to create "Light Blades" from their forearms.[1][4]


Every time Madin uses their "Light Blades," the skin on their arm rips open.[4]


  • Before Madin and their brother's mutant powers activated, Madin had held aspirations to study Early Music at Sarah Lawrence College.[4]

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