Taking on the identity of Box, Madison Jeffries was loyal to Apocalypse and became a member of the Brotherhood of Chaos led by the Horseman of Apocalypse known as Abyss.

The X-Men sought to assist the Sentinel evacuation of surviving humans in North America. Learning of the evacuation the Brotherhood was also sent to deal with it. When the X-Men programmed the Sentinels with a computer virus that would make the mutant hunting robots see them as allies, Box used his powers to reprogram the virus so that it was the Brotherhood and not the X-Men it recognized as their friends.[1]

Unable to prevent the evacuation due to the X-Men's interference, the Brotherhood changed tactics: They sent Box and Copycat to sneak aboard the evacuation crafts to smuggle their way into Europe and commit acts of sabotage against the Human High Council. Despite the X-Men's best efforts to stop Box and Copycat, they failed and the two evil mutants managed to smuggle themselves into Europe.[2]

Upon their arrival, they were instantly detected as mutants and attempted to fight their way through security. They ran afoul of Weapon X (Logan) and Jean Grey. During the fight, Logan slew Jeffries by impaling him with his Adamantium claws. Box and Copycat's sacrifices allowed the Reavers, human cyborgs loyal to Apocalypse, to sneak into Europe.[3]


Box is an Alpha[4] mutant, granting him with the following powers:

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