During the Human-Mutant war, he was captured by Weapon X, and interned into Neverland concentration camp for mutants, where he was forced to design weapons against his own kind.

Part of Magneto's mutant army, Madison and his brother Lionel were seen as too insane to remain in plain sight, and were sent to the small Central American country of Santo Rico to keep them out of sight. There, the brothers ruled the human populace with iron fists, conducting extreme experiments on them.

Eventually, their rule came to an end when the Hood, a human criminal, and his army of super-powered humans sought to retake Santo Rico for their own gains. Madison was killed shortly after his brother Lionel's death.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Madison Jeffries of Earth-616.



Utilized a version of the Box Armor his mainstream counterpart used when utilizing that alias.

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