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Madri in Security Garb

On Earth-295, the Madri are loyal followers of Apocalypse and their numbers, for the most part, are the product of the mutant duplication powers of Jamie Madrox. Each duplicate has been conditioned to be fiercely loyal to the cause of Apocalypse, and have founded a religion around him[1]. That majority of their numbers are located at a church in Quebec Canada[2], however members of the Madri are stationed all over Apocalypse's America. Their numbers second only to the Infinites, the Madri do not completely comprise of Madrox duplicates, as Richter

Madri Security Garb (alternate)

considers himself a member of the Madri[3]. The Brotherhood of Chaos, presumably are considered members of the Madri as they wear similar black cloaks[4]. The Horseman of Apocalypse known as Abyss appears to have some form of commando over the Madri, and when not needed in battle, often uncoils himself and lives on select members like a living cloak[2].

Madri have been depicted in three different sets of attire: Their trademark black robes when in their place of worship[2], in combat armor for battling enemies of Apocalypse[3], as well as a crimson robed outfit with optional hooded visor and battle staff for security functions[5][6]. The warrior class (which include Richter) are marked with a green tattoo around the eye area.

In recent times, one of the Madri was curious enough to look through Apocalypse's database, which cataloged those he deemed fit to survive in his rule ("The Chosen") and those who were not ("The Forgotten"). This member of the Madri would be set at ease upon reading that the Madri were considered the chosen. However, Apocalypse would catch the lone Madri in his secret files and change his decision, slaying the errant worshiper on the spot[5].

File:Madri (Earth-295) 002.jpg

Madri Warrior Armor

Madri Warrior Facial Tattoo

A contingent of warrior Madri would clash with would attempt to capture Gambit and his X-Ternals, although they would constantly fail to capture the group of thieves. Their leader Rictor would attempt to prevent them from stealing star chart information, but would find himself teleported to the Shi'ar galaxy with them[3]. Rictor would team up with the Imperial Guard in attempting to capture the X-Ternals and prevent them from stealing a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal[7] he would fail and be returned to Earth[8]. On Earth, he would almost botch double agent Guido Carosella from capturing the crystal and kidnapping Magneto's son Charles. When reporting back to Apocalypse, Richter would be slain for almost ruining things[7]

When Forge's Outcasts would be manipulated by Essex to investigate one of Apocalypse's factories, the idealistic Nate Grey would be horrified to find that it was where human corpses were processed into raw material. In destroying the factories operations, Nate clashed with a number of Madri security forces, killing some and wiping out the minds of others. One surviving Madri would report the existence of Nate to Apocalypse[6].

Madri Priests

A group of Madri loyal to Abyss would accompany the Horseman along with the Brotherhood of Chaos to attempt to prevent or compromise a Sentinel evacuation of surviving humans still in North America, a mission that the X-Men would attempt to assist[9]. When Abyss attempted to lure the X-Men to his craft, he would kill some of his Madri Cardinals and string them up at the ships opening hatch as a show of power[9]. Later, when Apocalypse would defeat Magneto and Bishop in battle, he would have Bishop shipped to the Madri's church in Quebec to have his mind probed by the Shadow King[2]. After the Shadow King's mental probe, the Madri would torture Bishop, cutting him and drinking his blood. When the X-Men would come to save Bishop, they would find themselves over run by an army of Madri. Quicksilver would come across the original Jamie Madrox who would beg Quicksilver to kill him to end the threat of the Madri. When Quicksilver would refuse to bring himself to kill Madrox, Madrox would kill himself, causing all the Madri members that were an extension of himself to fall down dead[1].

If any members of the Madri who were not an extension of Madrox still operation following the fall of Apocalypse remain unrevealed.

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