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Quote1.png Oye, if you weren't my granddaughter, I might have a hard time liking you, America Chavez. Quote2.png

Madrimar was the superpowered warlock luchador lady grandmother of Ms. America.


Ms. America speaking to Hawkeye about Madrimar.

In a deluded fabrication caused by childhood trauma,[4] America Chavez believed to have encountered her grandmother Madrimar, Amalia's mother. Her story was that she immigrated to the Utopian Parallel after an attack by La Légion, where Amalia met and married Elena Chavez. Part of the encounter was Madrimar claiming Berraca and Sanar called upon her to gather the Starlings[2] but had watched over America from the Ancestral Plane,[5] until she reached out.[6]

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