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The Madrox Family Farm in Kansas

Two weeks after the birth of their son and the near-immediate manifestation of his mutant powers, Drs. Joan and Daniel Madrox resigned from their jobs and moved from Los Alamos, New Mexico to a remote farm in Lawrenceville, Kansas.[1]

On the farm, the Madroxes designed the Kinetic Dampening Suit to help Jamie learn to control his powers.[1]

Dafydd ap Andras (Earth-616) speaking with the Madroxes

Tryp speaking to the Madroxes

Years later, Damian Tryp, of Singularity Investigations came to the farm offering to Jamie. Tryp was interested in Jamie because he belonged in a mutant subcategory of changeling. The Madroxes refused Tryp's offer, which led to Tryp summoning a tornado to kill the Madrox parents and leave a young Jamie to survive on his own. For months after his parents' deaths, Jamie used his dupes to manage the farm at night while hiding in the barn's bomb shelter during the day.[2][3]

X-Factor Vol 1 79 page 19

Rhapsody and Madrox on his Family Farm

When Multiple Man and Quicksilver first encountered Rhapsody she created a hallucination of her and Jamie in a romantic encounter on the Madrox's family farm to win Jamie over to her side.[4]

The farm was eventually taken over by Mr. Tanger until he passed away. Following his death, Sally Roland and her son Terry began squatting on the farm.[5][3] Madrox and Layla Miller wet Sally while X-Factor Investigations was investigating a demon in Lawrenceville.[3] Sally's time on the farm came to an abrupt end when she murdered by Bloodbath.[5]

Following the Hell on Earth War, Layla brought the demonic Jaime to his old family farm. After learning that Layla was pregnant, demon Madrox prayed to Morrigan to change him back to his original form. Once Jamie was back to normal, he and Layla retired.[6] Sometime after retiring, Jamie sold the rights to the "X-Factor" name to Harrison Snow.[7]


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