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The Madrox Gang separated its identity from their progenitor James Madrox and formed a gang of bandits.

They attacked Jebediah Hammer and Hawkeye to obtain a delivery of Mutant Growth Hormone. Hawkeye managed to kill several of them but he missed the last shot, allowing one to escape. This one wandered into a cavern and discovered the symbiote and bonded itself to him. [1] He used his powers to create an army of replicants and began to hunt down Hawkeye.[2] They remained one step behind him, until they confronted Hawkeye at Josie's Bar, and after a brief fight, they killed Turk Barrett. His nephew Dwight Barrett used his Ant-Man helmet to propel their escape to the Bishop Refuge, a hidden region of the Wastelands where Hawkeye thought they would be safe. Unbeknownst to them, however, was that a piece of the Venom Symbiote had stuck to the car they used to escape, allowing the creature to track them down.[3] Hawkeye tricked the army into shrinking and chased him through a nearby canyon which had become overun by Tyrannosaurus rexes imported from the Savage Land where one of them was eaten by a T-Rex.[4]

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