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Quote1.png How do I explain that it's happened to me before! A dupe, right on the edge... and I take him... it's like dying myself, like... like my soul's being torn in half. I don't absorb the wound... but the trauma of what he's... I just can't. Quote2.png
-- Multiple Man

Appearing in "Soul of a Gumshoe"

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Synopsis for "Soul of a Gumshoe"

A dupe returns to find Jamie, however, the dupe has been stabbed. Wolfsbane arrives at Jamie's office and tries to help him sober up. A second, "Kwai Chang" dupe arrives. Jamie sends Rahne to meet Guido at the bar, while he absorbs the dupe. While Rahne and Guido are talking, the stabbed dupe arrives, saying he didn't have the energy to make it up to the office. Guido calls Jamie down and Jamie absorbs the dupe. After waking up, he decides to go to Chicago to investigate the dupe's activities, leaving a dupe behind to pose as bait for the assassin that killed the first dupe.

Solicit Synopsis

Jamie Madrox, stabbed, staggering off a bus. Jamie Madrox, setting up a detective agency in the heart of Mutant Town. Jamie Madrox, a peaceful Shaolin priest. Which is the real Jamie Madrox? In this noir-esque thriller of a limited series, it's possible that even Madrox doesn't know anymore. Peter David, acclaimed for his run on X-Factor, reunites several of that title's most popular and whimsical characters--Jamie Madrox, Wolfsbane, and the aptly named Strong Guy -- and sends them on an adventure of light and darkness. Featuring the incredibly moody pencils of Pablo Raimondi.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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