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Quote1.png He's referring to "Film Noir" -- a French term literally meaning "Dark Film" -- pertaining to 1950's crime movies noted for their cynical, amoral characters in a sleazy setting, pervaded with a sense of hopelessness. Quote2.png
-- A street tough

Appearing in "The Chicago Whey"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Clay (First appearance)

Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "The Chicago Whey"

In Chicago, Jamie rescues Stringer, a reporter, from street toughs hired to assault him by a Mr. Capetti in retaliation for stories that Stringer had written in the Tribune. Jamie blackmails Stringer (who is secretly a telepath) into using the Tribune's files to help him find the woman he saw in his dupe's memories. Jamie and Stringer discover that the woman is Sheila Desoto, fiancee of crime boss Edward Vance.

The dupe Jamie left in New York to run the agency installs some new windows and meets with a new client, Carol Campbell, who's concerned that her quadriplegic husband is cheating in her by way of astral projection.

Clay, who killed Jamie's dupe in the first issue, is hired in New York to kill Jamie again because he was spotted in Chicago.Clay tracks Jamie's dead dupe to XXX Investigations HQ in Mutant Town, and apparently shoots him in the head from a building across the street.

Jamie sneaks on to Vance's property and finds Sheila swimming topless. Se recognizes Jamie and gives him a big fat kiss, but just as the dupe is being shot in New York, Jamie feels its pain and passes out, falling into the pool.

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