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Quote1 No one can resist the power of Maelstrom! To defy me is to defy the power of the earth itself! Quote2


Maelstrom was born to an exiled Inhuman geneticist called Phaeder and to a Deviant woman called Morga. They lived together in Lemuria until the day Morga was put to death for having relationships with an outsider. Maelstrom was cast into their slave pits, but Phaeder rescued him and brought him to his laboratory in the underwater ruins of the island of Attilan, where they plotted together against both species and discovered Maelstrom's ability to harness kinetic energy.[4][5][6]

Despite his hatred, Maelstrom once mated with a Deviant woman named Medula, but left afterwards, ashamed to have consorted with "the enemy". Unbeknownst to him, however, she became pregnant and bore him a son, Ransak the Reject.[7]

In the meantime, Mr. Fantastic helped the Inhumans create an Anti-Terrigen Compound, which intrigued Maelstrom. He sought to retrieve it for study, but his plans failed and the Thing struck him with the Anti-Terrigen Compound, causing him to lose his powers. Unwilling to go on living as a normal person, he commanded his accomplice, the mysterious Deathurge, to kill him.[8] At the instant of his death, Maelstrom's life essence and memories were transferred to a cloned body.[6]

In this new body, Maelstrom traveled to Olympia, as the Eternals formed their Uni-Mind in order to drain the Uni-Mind's kinetic energies into himself. However, the Avengers interfered and released the Eternals from their Uni-Mind. Starfox then used his emotion-manipulating powers to subdue Maelstrom, but instead of surrendering, he once again ordered Deathurge to kill him, allowing him to awaken in a new body far away.[9]

Once ready, he embarked upon his next master plan, to siphon the kinetic energy of the Earth's rotation. This plan was also thwarted by the Avengers, and Maelstrom was apparently destroyed, as his absorption of the energy forced him to bodily expand, dissolving into cosmic-scale proportions.[10]

Maelstrom eventually began drawing his body back together and encountered the cosmic being Kronos, learning of the many cosmic beings who ruled the universe in the process.[11][6]

In a later scheme, Maelstrom saw himself opposed by the Great Lakes Avengers. During the execution of his plan, he killed GLA member Dinah Soar, and nearly victorious, he was stopped by Mr. Immortal, who convinced him that if his scheme saw fruition and all life was wiped out in the process, Maelstrom would have no reason to live anymore. Entering into a suicide pact with the villain, Mr. Immortal shot himself in the head, followed by Maelstrom shortly after. While Mr. Immortal's powers saw him revived moments later, Maelstrom stayed dead.[12]

Doorman, who had started working for Oblivion, then arrived to retrieve the spirit of Maelstrom, who was furious he had been tricked by Mr. Immortal.[13]

He spent his post-mortem existence in Oblivion, where he once encountered Phyla-Vell, who he manipulated into becoming an emissary of Oblivion in order to save Moondragon.[14] Maelstrom later removed the power from Phyla as she went to a cocoon supposedly containing Adam Warlock. Phyla believed that by freeing Warlock, the creation of the Magus would be prevented, and her debt to Oblivion would be paid. In reality, the cocoon contained a resurrected Thanos, and Phyla realized too late that Maelstrom had tricked her.[15]


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As an Inhuman/Deviant hybrid, Maelstrom possess specific characteristics, including the traditional attributes:

Additionally and thanks to the Terrigenesis,[4] Maelstrom posses the following abilities:

  • Kinetic Energy Absorption: Maelstrom can absorb kinetic energy such as physical blows to himself and convert the energy into increased health and strength. He can divert absorbed energy into blasts of kinetic energy as well.[6]
  • Cosmic Awareness: After learning the secret from Eon, Maelstrom was able to achieve the cosmic awareness.[17]


  • Super-Genius Intelligence:[6]


Maelstrom isn't immune to his own powers as he was able to kill himself with a kinetic blast from his hand.[13]

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