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Quote1.png The bottom line is, I know his mindset. He wants to rule the world. He will find out about me and you. He will see us as opponents to his desires. I suggest we take preemptive steps. Quote2.png
-- Doctor Doom

Appearing in "War & Pax - Part Two: Crossing the Rubicon"

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Synopsis for "War & Pax - Part Two: Crossing the Rubicon"

Doctor Doom has appeared outside of The Pantheon's secret base and demands to be let inside. Atalanta refuses to let him in. However, Doom appears before The Pantheon via his Time Platform. Atalanta reluctantly concedes to hear what Doom is offering to them. Discussing over tea, Doom explains to The Pantheon that he is not from their time period and he had traveled to their era through the Time Platform, and he is interested in ruling the post-apocalyptic world. But he sees the Maestro to be a threat to his plans and as well to everyone, and he wanted to form an alliance with The Pantheon to neutralize the tyrannical Hulk. The Pantheon agrees with his offer, and forms a plan to defeat the Maestro by restoring him to his human form.

Sometime after the Maestro returned from his failed mission against Machine Man, the Maestro is rebuilding his Dogs of War at the Alchemax Building until he is approached by The Minister, who informs him about a group of strange visitors who called themselves The Pantheon. Maestro is surprised to hear their names, and still recognizing them as friends. The Pantheon waits for Maestro in his throne room until their former ally makes his entrance through the skylight. The Pantheon's dimwitted member Ajax immediately attacks the Hulk, mistaking that he is about to attack them. Fortunately their brief brawl is ceased when Maestro and Atalanta calms down Ajax. The Maestro reacquaints with The Pantheon and invites them for lunch.

The Pantheon and Maestro have a friendly discussion about the latter's PAX movement in which The Pantheon voice their agreement with its goals and are willing to join the Maestro. Atalanta then points out that not many are willing to embrace PAX, as she claims that A.I.M. is among those who will pose a threat to the Maestro. The Maestro is unconcerned about them, as they had failed twice to stop him from leaving their bunker in Los Angeles. But Atalanta insists that A.I.M. must be neutralized, not just for being a threat to PAX but for personal reasons; she allegedly claims that A.I.M. was responsible for killing Prometheus. Maestro understands the need for vengeance and agrees to lead them to A.I.M.'s headquarters.

The Pantheon takes Maestro on board their aircraft and make their way to Los Angeles. But on the way, the Maestro curiously ask of how Prometheus died. Atalanta states that she doesn't like to talk about it, but Ajax ignorantly blurts out that Prometheus died from a sickness and that no one actually killed him. Atalanta frantically tries to cover up the ruse saying that Ajax isn't remembering correctly. Unfortunately the Maestro is not fooled. He grabs Atalanta by the throat and demands The Pantheon on what is going on. A stand off ensues between Maestro and Hector and Ulysses until the Maestro suddenly becomes disoriented and drops Atalanta. Ulysses explains to Maestro that he had been breathing high-powered knockout gas (potent enough to take out a pod of blue whales) provided by Doctor Doom that had been filling the entire cabin while The Pantheon were wearing nose filters thus making them immune. The Maestro finally goes unconscious.

Appearing in "The Black Scythe: Part One"

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Synopsis for "The Black Scythe: Part One"

Years ago, a dying Prometheus is hospitalized in The Pantheon's medical facilities while being looked after by a very distraught Delphi and Ulysses. Prometheus, under his dying breath, lash out at Delphi for the cause of his death: Delphi had envisioned the Black Scythe terrorist group's attack on Philadelphia, and she had tasked Prometheus to stop them. However, Delphi had failed to foreseen the Black Scythe unleashing toxic gas that would affect and kill millions along with Prometheus.

Shortly after Prometheus's death, Atalanta orders Ulysses and Delphi to gather in the situation room along with the others to make their plans to avenge Prometheus by completely destroying the Black Scythe. The Pantheon may have failed to stop the world from blowing itself up and stop the Black Scythe from killing millions more, they are ending this no matter what.

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The Maestro thought he was the biggest supernatural force left on the planet — but he's not the only would-be immortal around! The Pantheon sees all...including a Hulk too powerful to leave alive.

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