Quote1 Be seein' ya, boyo. Quote2
-- Maeve Rourke Cassidy src

Maeve Rourke is the deceased wife of Sean Cassidy and mother of Theresa Cassidy.[1]

According to Sean, she came into his life like a lightning bolt. She challenged him. She cared for him. She made him a man. She loved the scent of jasmine and the feeling of rain on her face -- her laugh was like a warm breeze. On a trip to Belfast, Maine, Sean proposed. The young couple married on a spring afternoon in County Mayo. The band played Night in Soho and Stand by Your Man. They danced until dawn.[2]

When Sean made Inspector at Interpol, Maeve was so proud of him, but that's when things went sour. He was sent on a special mission, deep cover. He was separated from Maeve for months with no way to contact her. She refused to say goodbye, instead saying "Be seein' ya, boyo."[1]

Maeve went to visit family in Armagh. While out shopping, she was the victim of a terrorist's bomb. Sean returned too late, even too late for the funeral.[1]

Years later, her father, Patrick Rourke, hired the Grave Robber to raise the "ghost" of Maeve, most likely a psychic illusion, to torment and draw Sean Cassidy to Belfast, Maine, where he'd be susceptible to the traps Patrick had laid out. Sean Cassidy's love for Maeve turned the illusion against Patrick. She freed Sean and trapped Patrick in the inferno he'd created. Her last words to Sean were again "Be seein' you, boyo."[3]

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