Magda Lensherr was a freelance secret agent. She was originally assigned to watch Magneto, but the assignment was compromised as she developed feelings for him and gave birth to his children; the twins Wanda and Pietro. When Magneto eventually found out the truth about Magda, he took the children and left her. Magda was also romantically entangled with Logan, and bore him a son as well: Jimmy.[1]

Magda stole a sample of Mothervine, a drug that ensured pregnant mothers would birth mutant children that could be programmed and weaponised, and injected herself with it, not knowing at the time that she was carrying Jimmy. Wolverine eventually tracked her down in order to retrieve the stolen sample and discovered the child. Magda entrusted the child to Wolverine and fled.

Years later, she re-emerged, stopping a fight between her two sons. She arranged for Pietro's medical care from the injuries he sustained from his brother and her, before disappearing again.[2]

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