Magda Ramirez was raised in a strict Catholic Miami household that had the highest of hopes for her. However, when she was eighteen, her mutation manifested, giving her piercing red eyes that identified her as a mutant to the world. Now convinced she would never make anything of herself, her father Jose told her to leave home before she ruined the rest of the family as well, threatening her with a gun as she did so. She tried to use her telepathy to calm him down, but he realized what he was doing and fired, but instead hit his wife, Carmen, who dove between them. Distraught, Jose then turned the gun on himself. Magda was arrested in connection with the death of her parents.

Magda's case was followed closely by Cable as he went about the mission he had taken up after killing Apocalypse, traveling the world righting wrongs and spreading the Askani way. He learned she had accepted a plea bargain to reduce her sentence to life in prison, but following a massive outcry by anti-mutant activists, the state high court had overturned the bargain and sentenced Magda to death, with Magda herself still maintaining that she had indeed killed her parents. Cable grew increasingly unconvinced.

Cable broke into the prison and easily disabled Magda's guards non-lethally with his powerful telepathy. He then freed Magda herself and attempted to get the real story of the killings from her mind, only to find that she herself was a potent telepath, and had erected a mental barrier that inconvenienced even him. Though he eventually broke through it and learned the truth of the murder-suicide, Magda refused to go with him, not even after he showed her memories of the horrific future he had endured. Magda argued that although he knew she was innocent, the rest of the world thought she was guilty; if she went free, the public would be convinced that mutants were above the law, and anti-mutant violence would only increase. Cable reluctantly left her to face her execution, and the two spent her last few hours in each other's minds.[1]


Telepathy: Magda was a powerful telepathic mind. She could psionically sedate others to a degree, as well as erect extremely strong mental barriers to prevent other telepaths from accessing her memories. These barriers took the form of realistic illusions that manifested themselves in the would-be intruder's mindscape, and any wounds incurred by the intruder in the illusion appeared to translate to their physical body to an extent. Magda's barriers could even impede a mutant as powerful as Cable for a time, though they were not quite enough to defeat him.

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