Magdalena was a young mutant girl in Russia with the gift of a healing touch, who had been targeted by the Armenian mob. Blaquesmith instructed Cable to retrieve her for him, though he did not elaborate as to why.

With the aid of Lena's father, Oleg, Cable tracked Lena to the village of Krasnaya Polyana, where she, against her will, was being forced to perform healing on townspeople by her mother Vera in the church of her uncle Dimitri, a priest. Unfortunately for Lena, each healing she performed donated a portion of her life to the recipient, and by the time Cable reached her, her heart had stopped beating. When Cable picked up her body, what little strength she had left unconsciously fed off of Cable's own mutant abilities, and she reawakened with a new power: a death touch.

Dimitri drove Cable, Lena, Oleg, and the tagalong wannabe superhero Geo to a place known as "Saint Lenin," fleeing the mobsters and the villagers, now whipped into a frenzy with the belief that Cable was an angel. The mob and villagers laid siege to "Saint Lenin" (actually the workshop of an insane sculptor whose work depicted Communist leaders as religious icons) until Cable proved his superhuman durability by enduring machine-gun fire from the mobsters, who fled in terror. The villagers, however, were now even more certain Cable was divine, and when they attempted to be healed by him with no success, they tried to beat him to death as a "false prophet." Geo heroically sacrificed himself, being ripped to pieces by the mob, to allow Cable's party time to escape.

Vera had been tortured by the mobsters as a hostage, and begged for Lena to heal her. Lena refused, on the grounds that her touch could now only kill. When Vera said she did not care, Lena reluctantly kissed her mother, putting an end to her suffering. She resolved to turn even these powers into a gift, and Cable left her and her father in peace.


Healing touch: Magdalena could heal others with a touch (usually achieved by kissing them), though use of this power actually poured some of Magdalena's life into the patient, which could leave her drained and near death.

Death touch: After absorbing Cable's power, Magdalena lost her healing powers and gained the ability to drain life with a touch.

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