Born to a German father and a Mexican mother, Magdalena's birth name reflects both of their heritages. In third grade, she learned about Tae Kwon Do while doing a report on Korea, and also learned about orphans, two things that would come to define her life (also, due to an illness at a young age, she was left unable to bear children). Early on, she took Tae Kwon Do lessons, eventually winning championships and gaining attention. This attention led to a modeling career, and eventually an acting career. As she began earning money from these two careers, she immediately began her own charity to help orphans. Doing whatever jobs paid the most, she would immediately take the money she received and put it into her foundation. As her status increased, so did the amount she was paid, and all the time, she funneled the money into helping orphans, including teaching them Tae Kwon Do. By helping those without parents, she felt she could make up for not being able to have children of her own.

Eventually her growing success led to the Order, an Initiative-backed team that imbued individuals with super-powers for one year. Seeing this as a way to gain more money and fame, she joined, still using the money she received to help orphans. Brought in after some of the original members were fired for inappropriate conduct, she was given the ability to summon golems (her "babies"), and became a core member of the team. She helped the team against a group of Soviet super-weapons and against a "Zobo" attack.[citation needed]


Can summon and control humanoid minions using organic substances, and can see through their eyes. She is also able to fly.


Trained martial artist and stuntwoman


She can feel it when one of her golems is destroyed, momentarily distracting her, and possibly causing her physical pain.

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