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Magdalene served on her world's Avengers until the team was destroyed through the manipulations of Proctor. She felt a strong attraction to her savior, unaware he had caused her world's Sersi to go insane.[2][3]

However, when their next mission ended with Swordsman joining, she soon fell in love with him instead.[2]

When the Gatherers arrived on Earth-616, Magdalene's counterpart Marissa Darrow was murdered and 'gathered' by Proctor.[4] As Javert began to lose trust in Proctor, so did Magdalene. She eventually left the Gatherers with Swordsman and became an associate member of the Avengers.[5]

She and Javert assisted the Avengers on missions although they still felt they did not belong on this world. They declined Avengers membership and sought to find a new home for themselves. With the assistance of Iron Man, Magdalene used her lance to open a portal to a new dimension; both left and sought to make a new life for themselves.[6]


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Magdalene has superhuman strength, reflexes and agility.


Magdalene is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, and is skilled in using melee weapons like her lance.[2]



Magdalene is outfitted in a suit of armor that makes her highly resistant to injury.


Magdalene wields a power lance of unknown design that enables her to project energy blasts, absorb energy, generate protective energy fields and open portals to other dimensions.[2]

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