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Mageth was an empathic Dark Elf.[1]

When the heroes Thor, Iron Man, and Steve Rogers were transported into the Nine Worlds due to Hela's machinations, and her use of the stolen Twilight Sword to merge them, Steve Rogers was sent to what was formerly the home of the Dark Elves. Rogers soon clashed with the locals after mentioning that he was a friend of Thor, but he was helped by Mageth, who took him into her home and healed injuries he had sustained during the fight.[1]

Rogers and Mageth soon became close, and Rogers said that Mageth reminded him of his friend the Scarlet Witch, whom he felt he had let down. Rogers and Mageth soon kissed.[1]

Mageth was present when Rogers and his friends marshalled their forces to attack Hela, and it is possible she took part in the resulting battle, though she was not seen battling. After Hela's defeat, Thor used the Twilight Sword to return the Nine Worlds to their previous state, and Rogers tried to bid farewell to Mageth, but before they could kiss goodbye, Rogers was transported back to Earth by the Enchantress.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Mageth described herself as "empathic", causing people to pour themselves.[1]

It is possible that her empathic ability allowed her to exert a seductive power over men.[1]

She displayed minor shapeshifting or illusion powers, being able to appear as an human, possibly as an effect of her empathic powers.[1]


Healing: She may have had a magical healing ability, given Rogers' quick recovery.[1]


Mageth looked like Wanda Maximoff while in human form.[1]

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