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Born a mutant with a bizarre appearance, Maggie's parents, unable to support her, abandoned her, and she lived on the street until she was taken in by Phil Sheldon's daughters without his knowledge.

When Phil discovered Maggie, he was at first fearful of the rumors of a mutant in his neighbourhood, until he found Maggie living in the basement and saw her for the sad little girl that she is. The Sheldons agreed to take in Maggie, but events took a tragic turn.

With anti-mutant sentiments being stirred up by Bolivar Trask, a mob formed in Sheldons' neighbourhood and Sentinels were released.[1] Maggie learned about these mutant-hunting machines from the television news. Not wanting any harm to come to her new family, Maggie ran away and stowed away on an airplane. She stowed away on two more airplanes, a boat, and a bus, eventually arriving at a small village in New Guinea. The people there thought Maggie was what Americans were supposed to look like, and accepted her into their tribe.

Maggie tried to warn her tribe when Dr. Doom flew by while possessing the Silver Surfer's powers. After a while, the tribe acquired a short-wave radio which Maggie used to monitor the news and arrange shipments of medical supplies and books. Maggie used her X-ray vision to help treat the villagers' diseases and started teaching them how to read. Maggie's tribe soon learned that she was not what Americans generally looked like, but they still accepted her and protected her from the Sentinel patrols of the region.

Maggie always wanted to come back to meet Phil Sheldon again, but she was scared from the news on the radio, and she got his book Marvels by mail-order from Cairns. However, when she heard on the radio that Phil had been stricken with lung cancer, she decided it was time and traveled back to the United States and found him at Mercy General Hospital.[2]

Powers and Abilities


X-Ray Vision: Maggie can use her large eyes to see with X-ray vision.


  • Kurt Busiek originally planned the mutant child to be a green boy. Alex Ross proposed giving the child a more bizarre appearance to contrast with Angel's more attractive mutation on the cover. Using a deformed little girl from Weird Science #20 as a reference, Kurt eventually decided to make the entire character a girl as well.[3]

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