Maggie Lang was the wife of Scott Lang. When Scott discovered that his company, VistaCorp, was illegally overcharging their clients, his company fired him. Maggie urged him not to do anything stupid (as she was pregnant), but he broke into his boss's office anyway and was incarcerated.[1]

After Scott had been released from prison, he came to visit their daughter, Cassie, and gave her a birthday gift, much to Maggie's disliking since Scott had not gotten a job or paid child support yet. Later, after Scott had become to new Ant-Man, Yellowjacket had come and attacked their home, holding Cassie hostage in her own room. After Scott was able to shrink Cross to a subatomic level, the family reunited at the dinner table celebrating their victory.[2]

A few years later, after Scott had broken the Sokovia Accords, he was held under house arrest for 2 years and only allowed to see his daughter on weekends. On one of these instances, he accidentally kicked his ankle-monitored bracelet through the fence, indicating to the FBI that he had broken house arrest. Maggie and Paxton came to check and pick up Cassie, to which Maggie was outraged that the FBI could just search Scott's house without a warrant, to which Paxton informed her that they actually could. 3 days later, Scott's house arrest was over and he left to go be reunited with the rest of his family at their house.[3]

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