The original supervillain known as the Magician, Lee Guardineer, had a son. Whom he made promise to continue using his magic abilities in order to redeem their family name, as well as to continue the mortgage payments.

Even after his father left him behind, the boy dedicated his life to becoming the Magician his father would've been proud of. He joined the Power Broker's Hench App, a mobile application that allowed people to easily solicit the services of supervillains.

The new Magician was hired by Marlena Howard, a publicist, to pretend have a grudge against Howard's employer Darla Deering because she didn't hire him for the opening act of her show. The Magician interrupted Deering in the middle of his break-up fight against Ant-Man and confronted the two heroes with genetically modified rabbits and pigeons. After explaining his origin to Ant-Man, the Magician intentionally lost to Darla Deering. The fight between the Magician and Ant-Man and Darla was staged, and filmed, because it would make a successful pilot episode for Darla's newest reality show.[1]

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