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Present 14 year-old Illyana Rasputin reflects on her time in Limbo between her kidnapping and rescue in Uncanny X-Men #160. After Belasco pulled her six year-old self back through the portal, the aged sorceress Ororo and the grown up ninja Kitty Pryde now going by "Cat" are able to get her away from Belasco's citadel, but not before he's able to corrupt a piece of Illyana's soul, forming the first of five blood gems that will eventually allow his demonic masters to conquer reality.

In her garden sanctuary, Ororo attempts to break Belasco's hold on Illyana but is too weak to overcome the dark persona now infecting her mind. Ororo and Cat argue over how to deal with Illyana. Cat believes she should be killed to spare her the nightmare they and the other X-Men had suffered, but Ororo insists on teaching her the mystic arts to hopefully protect her and eventually defeat Belasco.

Ororo starts to train Illyana, taking them to the astral plane and showing her how her spells can create the plantlife of the garden and heal Limbo's corruption, warning her never to use magic to make changes recklessly lest she give power to her dark half. Illyana notes that glowing crystals surround their bodies representing their enchantment and potential tie to Belasco, and that Ororo's crystal is already much larger. When they return to their bodies, Illyana is already about a year older.

Later, Cat incapacitates Ororo and absconds with Illyana, telling her that she will get her home. From his citadel, Belasco watches them and is pleased.

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