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Synopsis for "Cold Iron Hot Blood!"

Cat escorts Illyana through the demon-infested catacombs of Limbo, unfortunately running across S'ym and the armored corpse of Illyana's brother fused to the wall. Cat and Illyana escape S'ym and end up in the wastelands Belasco patterned after the Savage Land. Cat reveals to Illyana her more bestial face, the result of Belasco's corruption on her, then begins to train Illyana's body as they make their way to the distant mountains where Belasco's citadel lies. Cat's training is harsh and dangerous and lasts another two years. By the time they reach the citadel, Illyana is about nine and is much stronger and less naïve than when they started.

The citadel is guarded by Belasco's corrupted demonic version of Nightcrawler. Though it pains Illyana to have to fight him, Cat doesn't hesitate when she phases his foot into the floor to trap him and then finish him with a stab to the back. Cat takes Illyana to a spot in the citadel where the dimensional barriers are thinnest and use an advanced form of her phasing power to attempt to pull Illyana through back to their home reality. Just when it seems they've succeeded, Belasco reveals his hand and makes them appear back where they started, with him and S'ym now present. Cat makes one last attempt to assassinate Belasco, but he effortlessly stops her and completes her transformation into a non-sapient cat-person. Illyana watches horrified, but also intrigued as the dark side of her personality comes to the surface. When Belasco hands her a dagger, she makes the semi-conscious choice to cut her own wrist in sacrifice to create the second bloodstone for her medallion. From afar, Ororo sees what occurs and, with anguish, accepts that to save the world, she may have to destroy the corrupted Cat and Illyana.

Solicit Synopsis

For those of you who think you know exactly how this series will end, all we can say is-- WRONG! At this moment Illyana's fate, plus her chances of escape form Belasco's domain, hinge upon her unknown powers and the mysterious woman name Cat. Will they make it? We're not telling!


  • Illyana refers to herself as Illyana Nikolova, Belasco refers to her as Illyana Nokolovna.


Assistant Editor's Month. Not indicated on the cover but Elliott R Brown's face is on the cover as a spectator.

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