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Over the course of another two years, Belasco trains Illyana in his dark arts. While she thrills at the power she wields, a part of her still wishes to rebel against her master's evil. In private, she attempts to use the magic Ororo taught her to create life instead of death, an acorn like the first thing Ororo made after winning her freedom from Belasco. Illyana despairs when the acorn bursts into black goo, representing her own inward corruption, but the astral form of Ororo appears to her promising that she is on the way to rescue her.

As 11 year-old Illyana wishes for a way to move around freely, she inadvertently manifests her mutant power to create stepping disks. She teleports out of her room and into a tunnel, briefly running across confused members of the New Mutants from the future, then to Belasco's library where Ororo's astral form attacks to stop her from reading the cursed grimoire, then to the past where she witnesses Ororo's failed attempt to kill Belasco earning her own corruption, and finally to the roof in the present where she encounters and banishes S'ym. She realizes that above all, Ororo wants to protect her from corrupting herself just like she did. Illyana races dowstairs to find old Ororo fighting Belasco and Cat in attempt to rescue her. She tries to protect Ororo and is forced to fight and kill Cat. With Ororo left near death, Belasco taunts her, summoning Illyana's medallion and ordering her to conjure the third bloodstone.

Solicit Synopsis

"School Days!" And the lessons are in the Dark Arts! The third part of this Limited Series details Illyana's apprenticeship to the sorcerer Belasco - and that's nothing compared to her final confrontation with Storm!


  • Belasco refers to Illyana as Illyana Nikolovna.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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