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Belasco orders Illyana to conjure the third bloodstone and use its power to sacrifice Ororo's soul to his elder gods. With her dark half yearning for it and fighting back her own grief, Illyana instead makes the decision to stab Ororo, finishing her and allowing her soul to be free. In her death throes, Storm's mutant powers return one last time and wreak havoc in the skies above Belasco's citadel.

She uses a stepping disk to escape and bury Ororo in her garden, just as it begins to wither in its mistress' absence. Belasco proceeds to torment Illyana with illusions of her friends and family until she finally conjures the third bloodstone for him. To punish her, he seals her teleporting power and leaves her to fend for herself in the desolate wilderness. Ororo's first oak tree remains as the only living thing in the ruined garden and Illyana uses it to mystically draw sustenance in the years that follow. She makes several more attempts to create an acorn like Ororo did but it bursts with corruption every time, until finally the oak gives way and collapses. Finally, Illyana realizes that she can't create life the way Ororo did as her path and motivations are too different. She draws on the last of the oak's energy and mixes it with her own to create a weapon that represents her true self, the Soulsword. With that, Belasco's seal is broken and she is able to teleport again.

Illyana attacks Belasco with the Soulsword, easily defeats S'ym, and begins to steal Belasco's demonic attributes as she becomes her Darkchild persona. When she has the chance to finish her former master, she holds back, allowing him to escape. He leaves her with the bloodstone medallion, three of the five stones complete. With nothing left holding her but the knowledge she will still have to face Belasco and his masters some time in the future, Illyana follows the path Cat showed her and returns to Earth, moments after she left, but seven years older.

On the day that would be her eighth birthday, Illyana reflects on all this and resolves to do the best with the fate she's been given.

Solicit Synopsis

No! You haven't missed anything! Magik is the official title of the Illyana and Storm Limited Series! In this chilling conclusion, Storm dies - Cat dies - everybody dies, except Belasco, the Demons, and Illyana! And maybe even Illyana won't last! She realizes that she can escape limbo, but the price is too much! What will happen?


  • Colossus refers to Illyana as Illyana Nikolovna.

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