When the royal Gibborim Magistrate was exiled from his home planet, his wife and children joined him in his exile. They took off on a spaceship along with a stowaway, a Xartan known as Xavin.[1] Their ship crashed on Earth on the western shores of North America in the prehistoric times, but the Magistrate managed to eject himself while the others remained trapped inside the buried vessel.[2] He lived on the planet for millennia while switching between the bodies of the native Homo sapiens, waiting as the Human civilization grew and developed technologically to the point where could attempt to escavate his ship and rescue his family.[3]

Eventually, the Magistrate was able to raise his ship from the ground, but it was destroyed before it could launch. The Gibborim escaped and took over the bodies of those present at the event, with the Magistrate's Daughter taking over the body of Tina Minoru.[1] After a period of adjustment, she found her father and mother and together they developed a platform that would open a portal from Earth to their home planet.[4] After the Gibborim were joined by the Magistrate's Son, together the family activated the platform before they were interrupted and attacked by the Runaways. After Xavin went through the portal with the infant Elle Dean, Nico Minoru used the Staff of One to cast a spell that separated the Gibborim from their Human hosts,[5] but also sent all present Humans into the Dark Dimension.[6]


As a Gibborim, the Magistrate's Daughter displays many superhuman abilities in a Human host body:

  • Immortality: The Gibborim are extremely long-lived, having arrived on Earth before the appearance of Human civilization.[2]
  • Photokinesis: The Gibborim's biochemistry can generate and manipulate photo kinetic energies for offensive purposes or for the purposes of glamour.[7]


The Gibborim possess scientific knowledge well ahead of 21st Century Humans.[4]


Xavin's Ship

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