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The Magma Men are a race of humanoids made of magma that came from Crystalium. They were created by Zardeth from humans like Moltar and Lavour.[1]

On the floating island of Weirdworld, the Magma Men were shown to be allied with Witch Queen Le Fay's Kingdom of the Torch where they made up the Lava Men Army. The Magma Men attacked Arkon the Magnificent and Warbow as soon as they retrieved Crystar's remains, but they eventually managed to escape.[2]

As ordered by Moltar, the Magma Men fought to the last ember against the Swamp Queen Alliance. When Battleworld came apart, neither side was victorious and Weirdworld was transferred to the Bermuda Triangle in the Prime Marvel Universe.[3]



Lavour, Mammoth Inferno, Moltar

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