This uncharted island in the Atlantic Ocean was the first base for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.[1]

While the Sub-Mariner came to the island to meet Magneto, Professor X detected its location, so the X-Men arrived and battled the Brotherhood. Namor eventually turned against Magneto and destroyed his giant magnet, withdrawing back to his kingdom, while the evil mutants retreated using the Magno-Ship.[2]

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were taken by Magneto and Toad to a small, rockbound island in the turbulent Atlantic, which was magnetically raised from very ocean depths in order to serve as the future headquarters of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. There Magneto set up a gigantic synthetic conveyor belt to create a magnetically-induced perpetual motion, and agreed to declare before the United Nations that this island would become a refuge for peaceful mutants.[3] Later, as the X-Men were emprisoned here, Cyclops broke free and battled Quicksilver, until they were interrupted by the arrival of the Avengers, alerted by the Angel.[4] As both the Avengers and the X-Men eventually joined forces against Magneto, the island fortress was set to detonate by Toad, who then fled the base with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. When Magneto attempted to board their escape craft, Toad stepped on Magneto's hand causing him to fall back into the base as the ship flew off. The Avengers carried out the defeated X-Men a safe distance away and watched as the base exploded, seemingly killing Magneto in the process.[5]

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