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Appearing in "Ascendance"

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Synopsis for "Ascendance"

Magneto arrives in Genosha and assumes control despite worldwide controversy. He is attacked by Magistrate forces but is saved by a mutate who takes him to meet with the existing leadership. Magneto incorporates this diverse group of Genoshan nationals into his new cabinet, though he truly trusts none of them. Quicksilver discovers that Amelia Voght has been spying on him under his father’s commands and demands to be taken to Magneto. He is surprised to learn of Magneto’s new role in Genosha and decides to look into the state of affairs there. He is quickly captured by The Zealot, the leader of a mutate rebellion that opposes Magneto’s ascension to the throne in Genosha. Magneto recruits Fabian Cortez into his cabinet to help him maintain his former power levels. Rogue arrives to try and talk some sense into Magneto and discovers The Zealot and his plan to sacrifice Pietro as the opening salvo in his war to reclaim Genosha from Magneto.


  • Magneto Rex Vol 1 1Dynamic Forces edition (aka cover 1b) was limited to only 6,000 copies.
  • This Comic Book (using the Dynamic Forces Variant Cover) was referenced in Marvel: Avengers Alliance and is one of the Comic Book Covers required in order to recruit Magneto in the game.

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