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Synopsis for "Into Darkness"

The Zealot plots to use the captured Quicksilver to draw the new “Lord of Genosha” out. Rogue discovers that Pietro is in peril and forms an uneasy alliance with Amelia Voght to try to save him. Their appeals to Magneto to help them fall on deaf ears as the Master of Magnetism is too busy threatening the United Nations who have been keeping a watchful eye on Genosha. Magneto claims he no longer cares for Rogue or Pietro, but gives Rogue enough time in Genosha to try and rescue Quicksilver. Rogue and Amelia succeed in freeing Quicksilver but are quickly intercepted by the Zealot who has determined that Pietro is of no further use to him. Before he can kill Quicksilver, the rest of the Genoshan cabinet arrives including Magneto. Magneto openly challenges the Zealot and declares that when he is done with him, the Zealot will acknowledge his rightful rule of Genosha.

Solicit Synopsis

  • In the aftermath of "The Magneto War", the Master of Magnetism has risen to new heights of power - and that's only the beginning of his ultimate ascension! But now, MAGNUS is opposed by a new adversary whose cruelty and cunning rival his own!

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