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Synopsis for "Once We Were Kings"

Magneto confronts and defeats the Zealot, sending his opposition into space as an example to all those who would oppose his rule in Genosha. Quicksilver sees it as his responsibility to oppose Magneto until he sees how much Genosha needs a chance at a better future. He chooses to remain at Magneto’s side in the hopes of tempering his father’s anti-human sentiments and violent approach to ruling the nation. Devastated to see the changes in Magneto from the man she once cared for, Rogue leaves Genosha after confessing her disappointment in and disdain for the man Magneto has become. She also makes it clear that the X-Men will be back if he steps out of line. Magneto cements his new status as ruler of Genosha and establishes his cabinet, which includes Quicksilver. He sets out on creating his vision of a mutant homeland that will be the beginning of an era of mutant ascension and domination.

Solicit Synopsis

  • He controlled the Brotherhood, but can MAGNETO rule an entire nation? ROGUE has come to GENOSHA to sway her former paramour from his path of darkness - while QUICKSILVER has come to destroy everything his father has built!

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