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Quote1.png Whether or not I no longer remember committing the crimes is irrelevant. I'm still responsible. And to make amends...I'll risk my soul if I have to! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Return of the Messiah"

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Synopsis for "Return of the Messiah"

Joseph is a mutant who believes himself to have once been the master of Magnetism Magneto. But the after-effects of the onslaught affair have left him de-aged and absent of Magneto’s memories. Desperate to never become the horror that his legend proclaims, Joseph needs to learn more about his own identity so that he can make certain that he never again becomes the horrible tyrant that Magneto is known to be. In X-mansion, Joseph discovers the location of the remains of Magneto's old base Avalon. Avalon crash-landed somewhere in the Andes mountains in South America. In order to determine his future, he must learn the truth about his past. Flying to South America, he discovers that Magneto’s loyal Acolytes have been living among the ruins of Avalon. In Antarctica, Exodus has erected a citadel called New Avalon. Exodus plans on launching New Avalon from its base; an act, which would wreak untold seismic and atmospheric havoc across the globe, killing millions. Acolyte Amelia Voght tries to betray Exodus, but he captures her. Amelia appeals to Fabian Cortez and sends him to South America to beg Joseph to help stop Exodus from launching New Avalon. But Fabian Cortez has his own plans for Joseph and Exodus. In the jungles surrounding the remains of the old Avalon, Simon Trask’s Razors, working for the Friends Of Humanity storm through the underbrush attempting to wipe out all mutants. Joseph emits a high-powered EM pulse that renders their body-armor inert. Joseph insists that he is no longer the Lord Magneto, but agrees that passing himself off as the true Magneto may be the only means of stopping Exodus. Fabian Cortez pledges to help him with this charade.

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