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  • Marion Armstrong
  • Jake Armstrong



Synopsis for "Spectres"

Joseph continues to play the role of Magneto and becomes more convinced that he is truly Magneto. When Exodus challenges him once more, the two end up in single combat. Just as Exodus is convinced that Joseph is truly Magneto reborn they are attacked by Humanity’s Last Stand. Together they repel the initial attack. Amelia Voght narrowly escapes from Cortez and manages to capture the traitorous Acolyte, finally putting an end to his scheming. Trask reveals that he wants New Avalon to rise in the hopes that the resulting destruction will unite humanity against mutants once and for all. In battle, Joseph cannot bring himself to kill. This triggers the final realization that he is not Magneto, after all. Voght reveals the full history of Magneto’s legacy of anger and bitterness and Joseph finally comes to understand who Magneto was and more importantly why. He masquerades as Magneto one last time, ordering the Acolytes to disperse and find salvation within. Cortez escapes once more and Amelia decides to try things on her own rather than accept Joseph’s invitation to join the X-Men’s path. Joseph returns to the Xavier Institute at peace with himself at last.

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