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Quote1 Everything I've done... all those terrible things... the pain I've inflicted... on others... on you... was to make the world a better place for mutants. When people look back at my actions... through the lens of history... I want them to see I was right. I wanted mutants to rule. Now... I just want them to survive. Quote2
Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr)

Appearing in "Last Days of Magneto"

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Synopsis for "Last Days of Magneto"

Magneto spends his final moments together with his daughter, Polaris, as the world is about to end in the final Incursion with another Earth. Magneto apologizes for everything he has done to his daughter and wishes that he would have done things differently in the past. Polaris accepts his apology and is glad that they are able to talk about it, but tells him that they have to focus on the present situation. Even faced with imminent destruction, Magneto has resolved to save his world while knowing that his actions would kill him.

Years ago, Magneto and his Brotherhood called a meeting with the Atlantean ruler Namor on his island in an effort to forge an alliance with him. Magneto reasoned that since he and Namor shared a common enemy in humanity, Namor would be a natural ally in his struggle against humans. However, Namor proves wholly uninterested in Magneto and his alliance. Magneto continues to insist on this alliance by pointing out that Namor is also a mutant and that surely humanity would have more reasons to fear and despise him. But Namor remains steadily unfazed and states that he has nothing to fear from the surface world and that their hatred is no concern of his, as he is certain that once humanity learns to harness such hate then they will use it to destroy themselves.

Back in the present, Polaris tells Magneto that she would've liked to see what would have become of what he did on Genosha. Magneto tells her she still can and uses his powers to prevent falling debris from crushing civilians. His Marauders also help as well, saving civilians from the debris of the ongoing battle between the two Earths. Polaris joins in with her father, who knows that the only way to save his Earth is by destroying its counterpart.

Months ago on Utopia, Magneto wakes up in an infirmary and sees Namor standing watch over him. Namor informs him of the recent events; the return of Hope Summers and that mutants are still under attack, and the X-Men are dying. Magneto is very offended by Namor's implications that he is not doing enough.

In the present, many people are watching Magneto and Polaris in awe without any regards for their safety. Polaris is disturbed by this, but Magneto reasons that there is no point for them to flee for safety when the world is ending and that they aren't there to see him save them, but to watch as he destroys an entire planet.

Weeks ago on Genosha, Magneto and Namor meet again. This time, Namor gives Magneto all his data on the Incursions accumulated by the Illuminati and the Cabal. Magneto is curious as to why Namor would bother to approach him when he is currently not strong enough to help. Namor laughs at his remark and answers that he knows Magneto to be the only person that he can trust to stop the Incursion should he himself fail. Magneto accepts Namor's request and vows to become stronger than he ever was in order to face this threat. Before taking his leave, Namor advises Magneto to picture the other Earth as an enemy of mutantkind.

Magneto informs Polaris that his plan is to siphon as much energy as possible from the Earth itself, and once he is close enough, he will draw upon the magnetic forces of the other Earth as well, granting him enough power to destroy the other Earth. But the other Earth has taken precautions as well, launching a fleet of Nimrod Sentinels at Magneto and Polaris.

Solicit Synopsis

• Earth is on a collision course with oblivion…and Magneto’s just learned time is running out.

• With everything he’s fought for being brought to an unescapable end, how will the Master of Magnetism spend his LAST DAYS on Earth?

• Will Magneto celebrate his legacy…or be tortured by it?


  • The first flashback depicting Magneto and Namor's first meeting is based on a scene in X-Men #6. One of Namor's lines, "None speak in my presence without first being recognized," is nearly verbatim, although originally it was Namor's first words in response to Magneto's greeting while here the sentiment makes less sense as they had already been conversing for three pages.
  • The second flashback is set during the Second Coming event. Magneto is in the infirmary because this occurs shortly after Uncanny X-Men #522 in which he expends his powers to pull the giant bullet trapping Kitty Pryde back to Earth from deep space.

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