A member of the Enchanters who attacked Asgard. He was able to circumvent Odin's spell and hold Thor's hammer Mjolnir. He used it attack Thor, but was defeated by Balder. He and Brona were then exiled to the Lost Limbo of Infinity Unending.[1]

Freed by Enrakt, they ambushed Odin. They were defeated by Thor and Scarlet Witch.[2]


  • Superhuman Stength
  • Can fire bolts of energy,
  • Manipulate inanimate matter
  • Mutate and control humans
  • Levitate large masses of Earth into the air
  • Travel between many dimensions, and various other effects.
  • Enrakt and Magnir proved capable of holding Mjolnir via neutralizing Odin's enchantment that only Thor could hold it.

Strength level

Class 20-30


Mjolnir; a sword

Magnir first appears in Thor #143. but was first mentioned before in Thor #129

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