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_Keough + unknown
Lucy Keough

Many Generations Previous

Lucy Keough + unknown
Quentin Keough
Lenore Keough

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_ Eisenhardt + unknown
Jakob Eisenhardt
Erich Eisenhardt

unknown + unknown
Edie Eisenhardt

Previous Generation

Jakob Eisenhardt + Edie Eisenhardt
Ruth Eisenhardt

Max Eisenhardt

Joseph (cloned from Max Eisenhardt)

Anya + unknown

Magda Lehnsherr

unknown + unknown

Mrs. Dane

Scarlet Warlock[1] + unknown

Natalya Maximoff
Django Maximoff

Current Generation

Max Eisenhardt + Madga Lehnsherr + Suzanna
Anya Lehnsherr Lorna Dane
Zala Dane (possibly)

Natalya Maximoff + unknown
Wanda Maximoff

Pietro Maximoff
Luminous (allegedly artificially created child)
Scarlet Witch (Wanda's clone)

Quicksilver (Pietro's clone)

Django Maximoff + Marya Maximoff
Ana Maximoff

Mateo Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff (adopted)

Pietro Maximoff (adopted)

Suzanna + Arnold + Max Eisenhardt

Lorna Dane
Zala Dane (possibly)

Mrs. Dane Mr. Dane

Lorna Dane
Zala Dane (possibly)

Wanda and Pietro's parents

During the years of Wanda and Pietro existence their story was retconned many times:

  • In Giant-Size Avengers #1, Wanda met Robert Frank, who told her the story of how his wife Madeline Joyce died on the Wundagore Mountain after the birth of twins Wanda and Pietro. Overwhelmed with grief, Robert fled, abandoning children.
  • In Avengers #186, a man named Django Maximoff kidnapped Wanda and Pietro, saying that he was their father. Django called twins Ana and Mateo, and told them that he and his wife, Marya Maximoff rise them near Wundagore. Wanda and Pietro went there to find out the truth. Bova told Pietro that their mother was nor Madeline nor Marya, but a woman named Magda, who in 1958 appeared on the doorstep of the laboratory. After giving birth to twins Magda fled, fearing that her husband would find her and their children. At the same time on the mountain was another couple - Robert and Madeline. As Madeline and her baby died at birth, wanting to comfort Robert and give parent to the twins Bova said to Robert that it was his children. However, after he escaped, she came to High Evolutionary, who put them in stasis for several decades[2], and then gave them to a couple of gypsies - Django and Marya, who recently lost their own children - Ana and Mateo.
  • In Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4, Magneto found traces of his missing wife on the Wundagore, and learned from Bova that Magda gave birth to twins. Upon learning that he has children, Magneto immediately went to them and told them the truth.
  • For decades, Magneto and Magda were considered parents of Wanda and Pietro. The situation changed when Wanda cast the spell to kill all her blood relatives. It worked on Pietro, but didn't affect Magneto, and then they realized that Eric is not their real father.[3]
  • Wanting to know the truth, Wanda and Pietro tracked the High Evolutionary, but also meet Luminous who claim that she was their sister. The High Evolutionary told them that they were children of Django and Marya all along, he kidnapped them for experiments, and then returned back.[4] Perhaps they were indeed Ana and Mateo, whom their parents considered dead when they were kidnapped. However, Vision later confessed that he investigated the secret files of the High Evolutionary, from which learned the truth about the origin of the twins. He wanted to tell the truth to Wanda, but decided that it would crush her.[5]
  • Later Wanda met another witch named Natalya Maximoff, that Agatha Harkness called Wanda's true mother.[6] Wanda learned that she and Pietro were kidnaped by High Evolutionary and after experiments he gave them to Natalya's brother and sister-in-law - Django and Marya.[7]

Second Generation

Wanda Maximoff + Vision
+ Mephisto (soul source)
Thomas Maximoff
William Maximoff

Pietro Maximoff + Crystalia Amaquelin
Luna Maximoff

Jeff Kaplan + Rebecca Kaplan
two unnamed sons
William Kaplan (reincarnation of William Maximoff)

Frank Shepherd + Mary Shepherd
Thomas Shepherd (reincarnation of Thomas Maximoff)

Alternate Reality Current Generation

Earth-27 Earth-127 Earth-295 Earth-1043 Earth-1610 Earth-9602 Earth-523004 Earth-TRN036
Max Eisenhardt + Anna Marie + unknown + Anna Marie + Rogue Darkhölme + Isabelle + _ Allen + Gabrielle Haller + Moira Kinross
Magnus Lenhsherr Scarlet Warlock
Pietra Maximoff
Charles Lehnsherr Plague Pietro Lensherr
Wanda Lensherr

Isabelle + James Howlett
James Hudson Jr.

Alternate Reality Second Generation

Earth-2182 Earth-3515 Earth-8610 Earth-9796 Earth-9916 Earth-22795 Earth-22795 Earth-58163 Earth-58163 Earth-58163 Earth-92077
Wanda Maximoff + Kurt Wagner + unknown + Jim Hammond + unknown + Simon Williams + Steven Rogers + Vision + Kurt Darkhölme + Simon Williams (possibly) + unknown + Vision
Talia Wagner Daiea
unnamed child Thomas Maximoff
William Maximoff
Talia Darkhölme Tyler Magnus Thomas Magnus
William Magnus
Thomas Maximoff
William Maximoff

Earth-161 Earth-41001 Earth-17372
Lorna Dane + Alexander Summers + Peter Rasputin (possibly) + Marcos Diaz
Pavel Rasputin Dawn

Alternate Reality Third Generation

Thomas Shepherd + Katherine Bishop
unborn twins

Earth-15061 Earth-13729
William Kaplan + Teddy Altman + Teddy Altman
Katie unnamed child

Talia Wagner + John Proudstar
miscarried child

Alternate Reality Future (Generations Later)

Wanda Maximoff + unknown
(generations later)
Tatiana Maximoff

Lorna Dane + unknown
(generations later)
unknown female descendant

Lightwave + Polaris' descendant