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Magnus was the son of X-Men Magneto and Rogue. The delivery of the baby was difficult and not without complications however he was born a healthy child who was much loved by his parents. When Magnus reached adolescence his mutant powers manifested. Magnus was cursed with a mutant power that was a combination of his parent's abilities: gifted with amazing magnetic powers, he would unfortunately turn whoever he touched with his bare skin into metal. From a very young age he had to wear a skin suit that covered his entire body to prevent this from happening.

Years later, Magnus found himself "unhinged in time" and transported to the Panoptichron located in the nexus of all realities. There he was conscripted along with other alternate reality X-Men by the enigmatic Timebroker. The Timebroker explained to the team that their realities had been destabilized by damage done to the multiverse and that each of their fates had been altered in tragic ways as a result of this damage. For Magnus, his fate changed so that on his thirteenth birthday he accidentally changed his mother into metal. This pushed his father over the edge and he resumed his war against humanity. In order to avoid this fate, these gathered mutants were sent to different realities to right different wrongs that would ultimately repair the damage to their own realities. This group of reality jumping heroes eventually came to call themselves the Exiles. The group included Blink, Morph, Mimic, Nocturne and Thunderbird.

During their first mission, the Exiles were sent to Earth-1815, a world where Operation: Zero Tolerance had been successful and all super-humans had either been captured or eliminated. There they were instructed by their mission adviser the Tallus that they were to find this worlds "greatest leader". Magnus was among the Exiles who asumed this person would be Charles Xavier.

Magnus created two Cerebro units so that Nocturne and Mimic could use their telepathy skills to try and locate Xavier. They located Xavier within a maximum security prison outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Magnus helped his fellow Exiles break into the facility and free Xavier. Magnus used his magnetic powers to remove all the machines that were keeping Xavier in a stupor and preventing him from using his powers. After getting Xavier to safety, the group was shocked to find that their "savior" was really an evil madman in this reality. Xavier took down the entire team with a single mental bolt[1].

The Exiles retreated and regrouped from their encounter. In the meantime, Xavier wiped out the minds of everyone in a five mile radius from downtown Phoenix. The Exiles learned that this world's technology was provided by the super-human traitor and inventor Forge. Magnus and Thunderbird threatened to use their powers against Forge if he refused to provide them with information and build a device to help them stop Xavier. Forge told the Exiles that the "great leader" they sought was likely this realities Magneto who was the leader of a resistance movement before his capture. This fact came as a shock to Magnus. The group split into two teams and Magnus accompanied Blink and Nocturne to free Magneto and other incarcerated super-humans from another prison. Upon arriving there, they found that the humans who ran the facility activated a nuclear bomb to go off. Seeing that it was made of plastic, Magnus used his powers to carry Blink, Nocturne and everyone inside the facility to safety an then encased it in a magnetic force field to contain the blast. As he did so, he told his fellow Exiles not to tell this world's Magneto of his parentage. The bomb went off, killing Magnus instantly.[2]

Magnus's charred corpse ended up being placed in a stasis wall within the Panoptichron, where fallen members of the Exiles were placed. Much later, when the Exiles learned the true nature of their employers and took control of the Panoptichron themselves, Magnus' body was returned to his native reality. His corpse was left with a note telling his parents that he died a hero. Finding their son's body, Rogue and Magneto quickly arranged for a funeral.[3]


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  • Electromagnetic Energy Manipulation: This power gives Magnus a wide variety of different abilities, including
    • Flight
    • Energy Blasts
    • Force fields
  • Particle Conversion: He was able to create objects by pulling metal particles out of the air. With this ability he created objects as simple as credit cards, and complex such as Cerebro units.
  • Magnetokinesis: He was allegedly able to use his magnetokinesis to boil people's blood by acting on the iron in it.[2]
  • Transmutation: Flesh-to-flesh contact with Magnus was lethal, transforming other beings into solid steel.


The Timebreaker's assertion that Magnus' fate would be altered should the Exiles fail in their mission turned out to be a falsehood to convince the the original Exiles (and some of their earliest replacements) to aid in repairing damage to the multiverse. This is evident by the fact that when Magnus was returned to his home reality it appeared to be unchanged.

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