Quote1.png You won't wake up from this nightmare! Quote2.png
-- Jack O'Lantern src


Identity Crisis

Jack O'Lantern attempted to kidnap Tabriaz Chaliz, the daughter of Hazram Chaliz, the ambassador of Sufind, but came in conflict with the Conundrum. The two would be apprehended by Prodigy.[1]

Sinister Invasion

During the Sinister Six's invasion of Earth-TRN461, Jack O'Lantern wrecked havoc on New York before being captured by the Spider-Men.[1]


Maguire teamed-up with Demogoblin and together created specialized pumpkin bombs and used them to brainwash spider-themed individuals to do their bidding. They were discovered by the Spider-Men, who freed the "Spider-Spawn" and arrested the villains.[1]



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