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The man who would become Mahatma Doom was one of the members of the Monastery of Mystic Monks in Tibet, who tended to the health of Victor von Doom and trained him in their arts. Doom returned the favor by killing all of the monks except one. This survivor realized that they had made a huge mistake by teaching Doom, unwittingly unleashing a terrible evil upon the world. He took on the alias of "Mahatma Doom" to spread kindness and balance Doom's evil.[1]

Last Days of Magic

Mahatma Doom was one of the numerous magicians summoned by Doctor Strange to inform them about the mysterious killing of thousands of Sorcerers Supreme from different dimensions, which posed a great danger to the magical community. Mahatma agreed with Professor Xu's idea for the people present in the gathering to link auras.[2]

He was later attacked by the Empirikul and fought alongside Professor Xu against them, they ended up defeated and captured just like all the other mages.[1] They were later freed by Monako, who sacrificed himself by using the last shreds of magic he still had to teleport all the other magicians away from the Empirikul.[3]

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