Five billion years ago, the Obliterator discovered that he was immortal and gave a meaning to his life by tracking and killing all of the people of his species but himself; that would keep him busy while he was developing new means of destruction. He was also proud of his goals. [1]

After destroying his species, he decided to search for more living things to kill throughout the universe.

He eventually found the Gardener, who introduced him to others like them, immortal monomaniacs known as the Elders of the Universe.[1] None of them could die because of a special agreement with Death.

However, the Elders prepared a plan to insure absolute immortality, first by waging with Death and later by destroying Galactus. They thought that Galactus' death would cause a new Big Bang and the creation of a new universe where each of the Elders would have Galactus-like powers.

Silver Surfer and Mantis discovered the plan of the Elders, and the Obliterator tried to kill them. Silver Surfer redesigned the Obliterator's equipment to render it harmless, and left him trapped, without weapons, on a world without animal life to kill.

Lacking a purpose in life, the Obliterator was obliterated. He is currently sitting on that world, vainly waiting for something to evolve so that he can kill it.[3]

Contest of Champions

The Obliterator took part in a Contest of Champions between the Elders of the Universe to decide who would keep the Iso-8 that was now abundant after the rebirth of the multiverse, his champions lost and he was eliminated from the contest.[4]


  • Immortality: Due to their special status as Elders of the Universe, Obliterator or his siblings cannot die. His regeneration skills are also amazing.

Body Perservation: Obliterator's mutant powers gave him unlimited vitality.[1]

Flight: 1000 thousand times lightspeed.

Primordial Power: He uses his own connection to the original energy of the universe as a power supply for his equipment.


Weapon designer.

Strength level



The Obliterator possesses and uses different weapons, including heat-tracking projectiles, different beams (Concussion, kinetic, plasm), heat, light and fire generators and a gas spray. All of them cause a great amount of damage.

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