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Mai was one of Dr. Hywell Griffin's Omegans. During the rescue of Wallop and Imp, Mai was psychically influenced by Cuckoo into attacking the other Omegans.[2]


  • Although she is never named in the comics, on his website, Omegans creator Alan Davis said "There are five Omegans named-- Noe, Raee, Mai, Phaa and Giee. I based the names on an eastern variation (five tone) of the familiar Musical scale (seven tone) doh, ray, me, fah, soh, lah and te. Fourteen years ago, when I did all of the research for the Clandestine, I used a reference library, with actual books, and the only record I have of the scale is a handwritten note. I believe my note to be accurate but I haven’t been able to discover any information that matches my list, of the eastern tonal progression, in any online search. I’d be interested in any information that might point me in the right direction."[1]

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