When Iron Man decided to retire from the hero business, he didn't want to let his legacy end with him, so he designed an android patterned after his Iron Man armor. He called his robotic warrior, Mainframe. Mainframe was brought online when trolls attacked a young boy named Kevin Masterson. Mainframe assembled all of the reserve Avengers and fought to save him. When the fight was over, Mainframe, Stinger, J2, and Kevin Masterson formed a new team of Avengers.[1]

Right away, Mainframe attempted to establish himself as team leader and frequently encountered resistance from Stinger (who did not know that Mainframe was a robotic lifeform). But when Mainframe was terminally damaged, exposing his secret, Stinger was one of the first to volunteer to shrink inside him (with the help of her father Ant-Man) to repair him. Later they learned that whenever Mainframe was severely injured, he would download his personality and memories into a replacement body assembled on an orbiting satellite.[2]

Mainframe soon became more than just a high-tech hero to his teammates, he became a friend. He even learned to share his duties as leader with teammate American Dream. However, his strict and rule-oriented leadership often still put him at odds with the less serious Avengers, particularly reservist Spider-Girl.[3][4]


Mainframe's robotic body is superhumanly strong and has jet boosters that allow him to fly. He is equipped with a high-tech sensor array, as well as various energy weapons (lasers, magnetic beams, electric blasts, etc). He also has projectile weaponry, such as grenades and missiles.

Mainframe's consciousness rests inside a football-sized A.I. core in each robot body. When he is damaged beyond repair or destroyed, this core transmits his personality program to a Stark Enterprises satellite and download his consciousness into one of the replacement bodies stored there. If for some reason the transmission cannot be achieved, the core is designed to fly itself to the satellite to preserve Mainframe's mind.[5]


Android version of the Iron Man armor

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