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Maise Brewn[src]


Maise Brewn was a yoga instructor who worked alongside Ray Hutchinson in Hell's Kitchen, but when the latter decided to sell their business over her objections, he hired someone to kill her.[1]

Brewn as a yoga instructor.

Maise survived the assault, but her mental state was severely damaged. While she was recovering from her injuries and bedridden at Saint Vincent's Hospital,[1] she secured the services of Ryu, Barber, Zucker & Scott to represent her in court,[2] where Ray was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.[1]

Returning home, Maise became a recluse, but also encountered the Terrigen Mist, and underwent Terrigenesis, causing her to further withdraw from society, which led to her landlord, Mr. Tick, seeking her eviction, and because of this she once again sought aid from Ryu, Barber, Zucker & Scott, where Jen Walters was assigned her case.[2]

Despite Jen's best efforts, Maise grew impatient and directed a fear golem to kill Mr. Tick,[3] a pair of NYPD detectives investigating Mr. Tick's murder,[3] and eventually even tried to kill Jen;[4] however, Jen transformed into her new Grey Hulk persona and defeated the fear golem, saving Maise from an attempted suicide in the process. In the end, she was arrested for reckless endangerment as a result of her actions having caused the destruction of Mr. Tick's Apartment Building.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Maise had stated she has restorative powers and that nothing could hurt her;[2] however, this was never demonstrated, and is potentially an explanation derived from the insecurities related to post-traumatic stress disorder following the harrowing events she survived.[1]

Summoning: Maise can craft monstrous golems out of pure fear, and although the full extent of her power is unknown, she seems able to control them.[5]


Maise suffers from acute post-traumatic stress disorder.[6]

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