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Majeston Zelia is the ruler of the Dark Gods and Narcisson. Many years ago, She lost a war with the Asgardians and was trapped by Odin. She was freed in the modern day when Thor broke their prison while battling Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. Shortly afterwards, they took over Asgard and enslaved the Asgardians including Odin, whose powers she stole and tortured.

When Thor returned to Asgard to battle the Dark Gods, he also brought with him The Destroyer and Replicus. They freed the Asgardians and forced Zelia to summon the Union. The Dark Gods once again started to win, but Thor blasted a bolt of lightning through Zelia, causing her to become unstable. Odin then absorbed the power as she exploded and his own powers were restored as a result.[1]



  • Energy Projection: Ability to shoot energy blasts, which could cut through the crust of Asgard.
  • Flight
  • Energy Absorption: Can siphon energy off of others.


Zelia could call her subjects into "Union", in which they all merge into one being, somewhat like the Eternals' Uni-Mind.

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