Major-L was a Kree judge called Ultimus and a member of Starforce Blue who came to Earth after picking up a distress beacon from the Helion, that had previously crash-landed on the planet.[2] He presided over the trial of Dr. Lawson who commandeered the damaged ship and also fixed a lot of the technological aspects of what was inside, specifically the Omni-Wave Projector.

After pleading guilty to all counts, Major-L was about to make his ruling when Lawson had his robot, Manuel, and a Supremor attack Starforce, which caused a huge fight between them and Lawson's companions, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. Major-L vacated the scene since he wasn't much of a fighter anymore due to old age.

The Protector, Yond-R, stopped his fellow members as it was his job to defend the accused. Everyone found out later on that Lawson created a new Psyche-Magnitron to steal Starforce's powers making them as useless as humans as the Kree referred to them as "paramecia," but the machine ended up being destroyed by Ms. Marvel after Carol distracted Lawson from activating it.

Now with everything under control, Major-L found Lawson guilty of all charges and was about to announce his sentencing when the Accuser, Inndig-O, asked leniency for him, after she listened to what had transpired in Lawson's life due to the machinations of the Kree. Major-L took her words into consideration and decided on a sentence of 10 years of community service, which would be served back on Hala to help them rebuild their society's technological needs.[1]

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