Major Oak and his Huscarls worked to keep law and order in Lionheart. He was ordered by the Lord High Protectorate to put an end to Death's Head and his Merry Men and their series of thefts across Lionheart. Oak and his forces wiped out the majority of the Merry Men[1] with help from technology provided by General Cicatric that allowed them to infiltrate the Merry Men and weaken them from within.[2] Before Oak could defeat Death's Head, Death's Head creator Doctor Necker appeared and shot him, allowing Death's Head and surviving Merry Man Tuck to flee.[1]

Death's Head later return to Lionheart in search for Tuck who he earlier sent to Lionheart to aid in her recovery. Oak learned of Death's Head's return from one of his spies and was able to capture him with help from Martinex. Oak wanted to executed Death's Head, but Martinex wouldn't allow it. Tuck later helped Death's Head escaped custody and struck Oak in the head. After getting free, Death's Head slashed Oak across the abdomen with a sword and escaped with Tuck as he recovered. While the searching the corpse of a pleiosaur, Oak's men found Death's Head's special belt that allowed him to time-travel. Oak studied the belt and accidentally activated it, causing him to be sent through the time stream.[3] Oak hasn't been seen since, and his fate and whereabouts are unknown.



  • Expert tracker
  • Expert fighter and assassin

Strength level

Superhuman; varies depending on how much power he absorbed from his foes


Death's Head's time-travel belt


Swords and dagger

  • Major Oak's name like comes the Major Oak, a famous tree in Sherwood Forest that is believed to be the hideout of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

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